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1. HP Driver Download

Now get the latest drivers for your HP Printers on a click from 123.hp.com/printers. Also download the drivers straight to the connected device with expert assistance.

2. Easy Setup

Setup the printer easy like a pro with the easy guide. Refer 123.hp.com/setup for the expert guide for easy setup process. Get expert assistance for easy setup process.

3. Driver Download

Download the driver from 123.hp.com for your HP Printer model. Now download it to the device directly. Connect with us for any expert assistance on driver download.

4. Wireless Setup

Upgrade the connectivity from standard USB to the wireless in a jiffy. Now switch between USB and Wireless connection with the HP Utility apps and tools.

5. Softwares Installation

The right and the latest software helps in enabling the entire features of your HP printer. Get the latest set of software and firmware from 123.hp.com for your printer.

6. Troubleshooting

Facing any issues or error codes with your HP Printer? Here is the HP self-diagnostic app which helps in fixing the errors better in a snap.

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HP Envy Printers

The hp is started launching printers at October 15, 2009, and they did not return the past, because of the first model of the hp is there was good reception from the peoples, so they increased the quantity. The printer is available in many features with fewer prices. They added so many features in using an easy option. The printer upgraded multi purposes of uses and upgrades an optional setting for wireless and USB settings. The wireless can use NFC in your devices. they created a personal and home use. The hp envy is print can copy and scan documents is delivered vivid and high clarity.

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HP Officejet Printers

HP OFFICEJET mainly manufacturing for heavy work purposes, So they suggest that name.in office or company’s they have so many lots of printing works in printers. The normal printer can’t do that works, so they that why I found it for heavy using works. Many hp office jets serious model are available now, you can take whatever you want in it. The office jet printer can do print, copy, fax, and scan. This is an all in one printer, the printer can do faster anything you will choose. The printers are sales in market low-cost price and available on more stocks.

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HP Officejet Pro Printers

THE HP OFFICEJET PRO it is working or setting on the micro office. The printer is suitable for office use, its buy to a reliable product. The printer helps you saving your low running cost to make printing very faster photos and documents. The hp does not compromise on high-quality printing style. The printer was upgraded adding additional features as an office jet pro, it was the features in duplex printing and the automatic feeder in addition available in the printer. Some printer can have capacity 100 sheets input tray but the office jet pro can have done it 250 sheets capacity input tray.

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HP Deskjet Printers

HP DESKJET PRINTERS are available in so many models in the small and large marketing area. You can search our website and analyse the printers and choose what you want to buy your best one. We are already giving a catalogue for setup the printer, so kindly you follow the procedure of catalogue is the easy way to setup the driver for your printer. The desk jet printers are featured duplex functional work, copy, and scan.

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123 HP Laserjet Printer

It is safe to say that you are searching for 123.hp.com/laserjet printer to keep up and use for your own and also official works? All things considered, Then 123 HP Laserjet printer is the correct decision for you to print your archives in 123 hp setup laserjet printer. 123.hp.com/envy Printers is specially manufactured to serve all hp printer functions. Genuinely with attractive colors, ultimate size with gentle features for influencing.

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123 HP Laserjet Pro Printer

The greater part of the representatives pick this 123.hp.com/laserJet Pro Printers that request the incredible quality printing works. 123 HP LaserJet Pro Printers offers progressively secure printing with multilayered insurance. 123.hp.com/envy Printers is specially manufactured to serve all hp printer functions. Genuinely with attractive colors, ultimate size with gentle features for influencing the place to have stunning look.

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123 HP DJ Paper Feed Issues

Lastest printer software driver download with setup and install

  • When pages are skewed
  • When multiple pages get accepted
  • To settle point issues (Windows)
  • To resolve print issues (OS X)
  • To manage the print job - Delete, Hold, Resume, Pause
  • Connect the 123 HP DJ Printer Using USB option
  • 123 HP Printer Setups for HP Eprint, Air Print
  • 123 HP Printer Setups for Google cloud print

You can record your page loads and pinpoint exactly where bottlenecks or stoppages occur!

  • Clear a paper jam
  • To clear a paper jam from input tray
  • To clear a paper jam from print zone
  • To clear a paper jam from the rear of the printer
  • To clear a paper jam from the document feeder
  • To clear a print carriage jam
  • Guidelines to avoid paper jams and When Paper from the tray is rejected

Driver downloading and unboxing

  • Get that printer from out packaged box and remove the all Protecting accessories safely.
  • Unbox the package of ink cartridges and hold on one side, If you hold double side its dirt ink on your hand.
  • Slowly, open the ink cartridges access tray and push the ink cartridges inside the defined slot. Keep pushing hold on the snap.
  • Get the connection wire of hp printer; take out the plug on the electric socket.
  • Press the power button and switch on your printer.
  • Set your printer in your control panel and select it.
  • Install your ink cartridges and set your printer to works.
  • First, test your page to check the printer working properly.
  • You download the drive and software in the websites for your printer is need necessary.
  • Select the download file and click on the install to run.
  • Procedure show on to continue and follow the instruction and finishing the installation process.

Hp printers and wireless setup


  • Firstly connect your printer with the internet, connections through the Ethernet cable or wirelessly.
  • Second, check your internet connections both printer and computer.

How to setup the printer on your wireless network

  • Set your hp printer option to the control panel, scroll through printer option and select that hp printer.
  • Select the network, which is one available on.
  • Select the available option, now choose your wireless mode.
  • Select your wireless setup, its wizard to show new settings in desktop display in front of you.
  • Follow these points to complete your printer setup process.

HP Scanner Setups

With the 123.hp.com/setup HP scanner, the user can do scan a document, images and any important document files to save in your computer to scan. In your computer, the printer software enabled to work, after the show in your display to the scanning option to the user. Install the hp printer software after show the some of the available function in the scan. So it is austere to download the hp software for the printer.

How to scan to a computer?


  • Either once check you your computer already you installed the authentic hp printer software on your computer.
  • Turn on your computer and the hp printer to should be to connect over the network.
  • The running prior to scanning the software, if you using the Windows operating system.

Your operating system is based on the following functions performance.

  • Windows 8.1: the starts screen are on your lower left side and corner, tap the facing arrow to downward. The options list available from your now, then tap the utilities, choose you to want the printers.
  • Windows 8: in your start screen, tap right on your empty area. Choose your printer name and the select utilities from the app bar.
  • Window 7, window vista and window XP; in your desktop tap the start button.
  • Hp eprint setup


    • Should be connecting your hp printer and computer or laptop on the same network.
    • The original different from the printer for given that it is an attachment.

    How to eprint document from anywhere;

    • Open your control panel and select the eprint icon to print.
    • Confirm your web service option.
    • on your display shows the instruction to follow our terms and uses, click the option, yes to select.
    • Sign up your eprint accounts to allow print the eprint.

    Find or locate your eprint email address

    • In your desktop select that eprint icon.
    • Select your web services settings.
    • Select your menu to list of option available list and tap on display email address.

    Sent your photo or document in an email to the printer.

    • Attached your photo and document with the subject in your email.
    • Sent your email to mention the printer email address.
    • The mail was received from your phone; the printer starts a print to your photo or document.

    HP Cloud Setup

    • Tap the power button and turn on your computer.
    • Open chrome browser in your desktop.
    • Sign in your browser it’s optional in the right corner.
    • Tap the chrome icon will enter to the browser and select settings to list.
    • The setting list open to show you many options in your display, through scroll down the option and select the advanced option.
    • Select the Google cloud print from the through scroll down menu and then tap then manage button.
    • The Google cloud print at this time they discovered will start printers that are connected to the existing network.
    • Your printer looking for new device category to navigate, ensure you’re your registration confirmation to click the button either again. Note; in your printer control panel, they may ask you to finish your printing registration process.
    • First, you make sure printer is connected in internet connection and working good, suppose you did not see your hp printer registered list, try to connect your email address I that designated to your hp print via hp eprint.

    HP Printer Paper Jams

    • In your link cartridges open the access door.
    • In your printer to the paper path by the double check. If any paper jammed, lift the paper path cover to handle and remove it.
    • The paper path cover reinserts and until it locks in its place.
    • If the prevails still the problem, look for your carriage access door in any paper jam.
    • In the print carriage access door, you look any jammed paper. Take out the paper and pulls it's toward you.
    • Take out the pieces of all papers, move the print carriage.
    • Now, the ink cartridges close the access door gently.
    • Check the paper tray, suppose I you the problem still stay in print job.
    • If you extend it lift the output tray and pull the input tray.
    • The printer sides press the button to pull the input tray.
    • Check for any jammed paper in every nook and corner before you pull out the input tray.
    • Inset the sack of paper to input tray back and place before you clean the jams.
    • Lower the output tray gently.

    Select all programs, choose the HP and then click on the folder in your computer.

  • In your computer option go to the scan section and choose to manage scan.
  • Select the option to enabled.